Monday, September 28

mondays are good.

Morning dew roll down her cheeks as breeze carried her to the rooftop.

Monday, June 29

Living a lie is better than breathing the lie...

Saturday, June 20

And yes.. he is rude. Very rude and selfish.

Thursday, June 4

They wander & wonder if it will ever trip & trap.

Tuesday, May 5

Bitter Cold

I talked to the wind and it promise to steal my heartache.
Soon bitter cold strip those thoughts away too.

Sunday, April 12

Life is still pretty when i look back...

thanks for all...

Wednesday, March 11

Wednesday, February 4

Looking back...

Home for more than 24 hrs...

Monday, January 5

Dec 08 by mobile

Sunday, December 7

Glasshouse at hortpark